March 2nd, 2021 – Dr Maryna Basalay from the Hatter Cardiovascular Institute at UCL, awarded as 2021 Paul Dudley White International Scholar

The American Heart Association has recognised the research excellence of Dr Maryna Basalay by announcing her as the 2021 Paul Dudley White International Scholar. This award recognizes all the authors that contributed to the highest ranked abstract from each country; the abstract submitted by Dr Basalay and the team at the Hatter Cardiovascular Institute being the highest ranked abstract submitted from the United Kingdom.

Dr Basalay is the lead for the Neuroprotection research programme at the Hatter Cardiovascular Institute investigating mechanisms to protect the brain from ischaemic stroke. Despite only starting 3 years ago, Dr Basalay has undertaken a substantial amount of research that has enabled us to understand the complexities of neuroprotection.

The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute is very proud of this achievement by Maryna and the whole team and looks forward to seeing further research excellence from this programme.

Dr Basalay will present her abstract to the International Stroke Conference which taking place as a virtual event in March.

To view the award, please click here.