February 9th, 2021 – WEBINAR: The importance of SGLT2 inhibitors & GLP-1 analogues in the management of type 2 diabetes and cardio-renal disease

The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute at University College London is hosting a webinar to discuss & debate SGLT2 inhibitors & GLP-1 analogues in the management of Diabetes & Cardio-Renal disease.

Recognising the importance of informing clinical trainees early in their careers, this is one of a series of meetings created to address this need. Trainees (SpR’s) in the specialities of Cardiology, Nephrology and Diabetes are invited to attend this webinar with leaders in all three fields presenting specific to the topic area in a clinical setting.

To attend, all interested trainees simply need to register their interest and join us on FRIDAY the 19th MARCH, 2021 from 10am -12pm (GMT) for the webinar which should last approximately 2 hours. THERE IS NO CHARGE TO ATTEND.

Please register for the webinar here:


Webinar Chairpersons:
Professors Derek Yellon, John Cunningham & Stephanie Baldeweg


1. Management of type 2 diabetes – out with the old & in with the new!
Professor Stephanie Baldeweg
University College London, UK

2. New anti-diabetic therapy – their role in renal protection.
Professor David Wheeler, UK
The Royal Free Hospital, University College London

3. The GLP-1 analogues – their role in obesity.
Professor John Wilding
University of Liverpool, UK

4. SGLT2 inhibitors – their role in heart failure.
Professor Theresa McDonagh
Kings College, London, UK

5. SGLT2 inhibitors & GLP-1 analogues – do we understand the mechanisms?
Dr Robert Bell
The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, University College London, UK

Short concluding responses from SpR’s in Cardiology, Nephrology and Diabetes:
Dr Sarah Qian – SpR in Diabetes
Dr Ali Rauf – SpR in Cardiology
Dr Tamer Rezk – SpR in Nephrology