July 2nd, 2021 – WEBINAR: The importance of SGLT2 inhibitors & GLP-1 analogues in the management of type 2 diabetes and cardio-renal disease – Discussion Continues

The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute at University College London hosted its second, webinar to discuss & debate SGLT2 inhibitors & GLP-1 analogues in the management of Diabetes & Cardio-Renal disease on 2nd July.

The aim of these meetings is to inform clinical trainees, early in their careers, about the use of SGLT2 inhibitors and GLP-1 analogues with their patient groups and to encourage multi-disciplinary working. The meeting welcomed a diverse audience of cardiology, diabetology and nephrology SpR’s from across the UK.

Prof Niko Marx, University of Essen, presented an exemplary overview of these two compounds across all 3 specialities and set the scene for follow-on case presentations by Prof Malcolm Walker (Cardiology), Prof David Wheeler (Nephrology) and Prof Stephanie Baldeweg (Diabetology). Breaking out into smaller groups, the SpR’s further explored challenges and practicalities within their own practice, bringing these questions back to the larger group. This shared forum resulted in active discussion and generation of recommendations on how all three specialties can work together to the benefit of their patients.

We encourage all interested trainees to register their interest and join us on FRIDAY the 24th SEPTEMBER, 2021 at 12pm for our next webinar, in the series, which should last approximately 1 hour – please see the programme below. THERE IS NO CHARGE TO ATTEND.

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Webinar Chairpersons:
Professors Derek Yellon, Stephanie Baldeweg, John Cunningham


1. Emerging therapies affecting cardiovascular, renal and metabolic medicine?

Prof Mansoor Husain, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

 2. SpR Case presentations: Out of my comfort zone!

(i) Cardiovascular – Dr Ali Rauf, Cardiology SpR – How do I handle a patient with renal/diabetic co-morbidities?

(ii) Renal – Dr Tamer Rezk, Nephrology SpR – How do I handle a patient with cardiac/diabetic co-morbidities?

(iii) Metabolic – Dr Eleni Armeni, Diabetes and Endocrinology SpR – How do I handle a patient with cardiac/renal co- morbidities?

 3. Breakout Discussions by Trainees


**Photos from 2nd July meeting**