23rd June, 2023 – The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute iBSc Student Awarded Top Research Lab Project

The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute had, this year, the pleasure of again supervising and mentoring top iBSc students in our laboratory. We are pleased to announce our student, Ms Meriam Abdelmoumene, has been recognised for her work, supervised by Prof Sean Davidson, with the award for the highest score in the wet research lab project category. This accomplishment means she will now be further nominated for the H.A.B. Simmons prize to be announced shortly.

Last year, another iBSc student at The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, Ms Sumayyah Tahsin, received top marks for her research project and went on to win the the 2022 UCL Population Health Sciences Faculty Medal (read story here).

This year on year success of iBSc students under our supervision highlights the leadership and expertise of the team at the Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, of which we are very proud.

Many congratulations Meriam, we wish you the best of luck with the H.A.B. Simmons prize and all your future research endeavours!