21st November, 2023 – Web of Science Acknowledges Professor Derek Yellon and Professor Sean Davidson with Highly Cited Researcher Designation for 2023

Professor Derek Yellon has been acknowledged as a 2023 Highly Cited Researcher by the Web of Science™. This is the fifth such designation for Prof Yellon, achieving this recognition year on year, a remarkable achievement. Further, Professor Sean Davidson has also been recognised for a second consecutive year. Both have been named in the Cross-field category.

Identified from the world’s leading and most influential researchers, the 2023 report highlights those whose highly cited papers rank in the top 1% by citations within the 21 defined fields within the 2023 publication year in the Web of Science™.  This recognition places Prof Yellon and Prof Davidson amongst the leading scientists worldwide.

The quality of research from The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute for 2023 is exemplified by this accolade. Prof Yellon and Prof Davidson lead by example and have distilled in the entire team the commitment to continuous excellence and hard work. We anticipate 2024 will bring new and exciting outputs across our many research programmes including ischaemic heart disease, ischaemic stroke, cardio-toxicity following cancer therapy, cardio-renal syndrome and cardiometabolic disease.

Globally, the UK ranks 3rd, just below the USA (1st) and China(2nd). Of the top 50 institutions in this list, University College London has risen 3 places from 15th in 2022 up to 12th in this year’s report with a total of 57 individuals on the list, including Professor Yellon and Professor Davidson. The top 3 institutions were the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harvard University and Stanford University.

The full report and list of 2023 recipients can be seen here: