19th August 2022– Dr Maryna Basalay Recipient of Two New Research Grants

The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute is pleased to announce Dr Maryna Basalay, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, has been awarded two research grants to continue her work in ischaemic stroke.

Dr Basalay was successful in securing a J Moulton grant for stroke from the British Medical Association (BMA). This prestigious grant is sponsored by the Jon Moulton Charitable Trust and is open to research scientists across the UK to undertake a specific project related to stroke research.  Dr Basalay’s 3 year grant aims to investigate the importance of inflammation in ischaemia-reperfusion injury in the brain during stroke. Further, she will ascertain whether agents that target both the inflammasome and cell death pathway can provide protection to the brain during the reperfusion procedure. This will be invaluable information for researchers working in the field of neuroprotection and stroke and for translation to improved patient care. The announcement from the BMA can be seen here.

Secondly, against strong competition and judged by a panel of her peers, Dr Basalay has also awarded a CRDC Fast Track Grant from the most recent call.   Her project entitled ‘SGLT1 & SGLT2 inhibition – their potential roles in protecting the heart’ will investigate the cardioprotective effect of sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 (SLGT2) inhibitors and how they can provide benefit in the setting of a heart attack.  Further, she will test her hypothesis that SGLT1 mediates damage to the heart by elevated high blood glucose, as is often seen in the setting of an acute MI , As such , SGLT1 inhibitors should alleviate damage to the heart in these patients using selective SGLT1 inhibitors. Collectively, understanding these mechanisms of both SGLT2 and SGLT1, scientists and clinician can improve patient outcomes from heart attack.

We look forward to seeing the outcomes of these interesting and important areas of research, many congratulations Dr Basalay.